Adios Stage 1–Workout A

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April 30, 2012 by fitchicksoon

Well today was the last day of Stage 1- Workout A.  I am very pleased with my progress with the first stage and can really feel a difference in my strength, not so much on my definition, but I have another 6 stages to go – yikes!

So workout A looked like this:-

A. Squat
  • W1 (2 Sets) – 15kgs/15,  17.5kgs/15
  • W2 (2 Sets) – 17.5kgs/15, 17.5kgs/15
  • W3 (2 Sets) – 17.5kgs/12, 20kgs/12
  • W4 (2 Sets) – 20kgs/12, 20kgs/12
  • W5 (3 Sets) – 25kgs/10, 25kgs/10, 25kgs/10
  • W6 (3 Sets) – 20kgs/10, 20kgs/10, 20kgs/10 (Someone was using the 25kgs fixed barbell)
  • W7 (3 Sets) – 22.5kgs/8, 22.5kgs/8, 22.5kgs/8
  • W8 (3 Sets) – 25kgs/8, 25kgs/8, 25kgs/8

Unfortunately our gym doesn’t have squat rack, so even though I can lift heavier weights with my legs, my wrists are too weak at the moment to get the barbell onto my back.

B1 – Push Up
  • W1 (2 Sets) – BW/15, BW/15 – (on toes)
  • W2 (2 Sets) – BW/15, BW/15 – (on toes)
  • W3 (2 Sets) – BW/12, BW/12 – (on toes)
  • W4 (2 Sets) – BW/12, BW/12 – (on toes)
  • W5 (3 Sets) – BW/10, BW/10, BW/10 – (on toes)
  • W6 (3 Sets) – BW/10, BW/10, BW/10 – (on toes)
  • W7 (3 Sets) – BW/8, BW/8 (on toes), BW/8 – (on toes with T twist)
  • W8 (3 Sets) – BW/8, BW/8 (on toes), BW/8 – (on toes with T twist)

These were very tough to start with, especially as I have always done them on my knees, so having to do the full position on the toes was a killer, but it’s amazing how the body adapts.

B2 – Seated Row
  • W1 (2 Sets) – 20kgs/15, 25kgs/15
  • W2 (2 Sets) – Broken – wasn’t sure what to replace exercise with
  • W3 (2 Sets) – 27.5kgs/12, 30kgs/12
  • W4 (2 Sets) – 32.5kgs/12, 32.5kgs/12
  • W5 (3 Sets) – 35kgs/10, 35kgs/10, 35kgs/10
  • W6 (3 Sets) – 35kgs/10, 37.5kgs/10, 37.5kgs/10
  • W7 (3 Sets) – 37.5kgs/8, 40kgs/8, 40kgs/8
  • W8 (3 Sets) – 40kgs/8, 42.5kgs/8, 42.5kgs/8

For this exercise I use the low row machine instead

C1 – Step Up
  • W1 (2 Sets) – 8kgs/15, 8kgs/15
  • W2 (2 Sets) – 9kgs/15, 9kgs/15
  • W3 (2 Sets) – 9kgs/12, 9kgs/12
  • W4 (2 Sets) – 8kgs/12, 8kgs/12 (Realised I wasn’t do it correctly in previous workouts)
  • W5 (3 Sets) – 8kgs/10, 8kgs/10, 9kgs/10
  • W6 (3 Sets) – 9kgs/10, 9kgs/10 (Run out of time for next set)
  • W7 (3 Sets) – 10kgs/8, 10kgs/8, 10kgs/8
  • W8 (3 Sets) – 10kgs/8, 10kgs/8, 10kgs/8

I found it very difficult to keep my balance when stepping up with my right leg, but definitely started feeling better by the end of the stage.

C2 – Prone Jack-knife
  • W1 (2 Sets) – BW/15, BW/15 – Oops forgot to check book, should have been 8 reps
  • W2 (2 Sets) – BW/15, BW/15 – Again too many reps!
  • W3 (2 Sets) – BW/12, BW/10
  • W4 (2 Sets) – BW/10, BW/10
  • W5 (3 Sets) – BW/12, BW/12, BW/12
  • W6 (3 Sets) – BW/12, BW/12, (Run out of time for next set)
  • W7 (3 Sets) – BW/15, BW/15, BW/15
  • W8 (3 Sets) – BW/10, BW/10, BW/10 (Should have been 15 reps per set, but wrist was playing up and couldn’t do more)

I really have enjoyed the first stage of the program, my least favourite exercise has to be the push up’s, but it has been great seeing the improvement in my strength in all the workouts.

Today I got the instructor to show me how to use the Smith Machine for the squats – even though I have never seen another lady use this machine, so was quite conscious when using it that the men might be looking at me. 

I know this isn’t the natural way to do squats, but with a weak wrist it’s the best way for me to increase my weight selection.



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