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April 30, 2012 by fitchicksoon

New Rules of Lifting for Women

I have started this blog a little late into my new program "New Rules of Lifting for Women" as I am nearly at the end of stage 1 of 7 stages.

What started me on the trail for a good weight training program is that I could see a huge improvement in my physique when I did Body Pump classes regularly, although I lost the weight with cardio/aerobic classes, it is now definition that I am searching for.

So I thought where is the best place to look for a good training program with honest reviews? I know – Amazon!

New Rules of Lifting for Women is the 3rd book in the series by authors Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove with nutritional plan from Cassandra Forsythe.  It’s a progressively challenging strength, conditioning and nutritional program using real weights not "Barbie" weights as they call them.  This program is for the natural athlete in every woman.

With a write-up like that how could I refuse?!

As I mentioned before there are 7 stages, all getting progressively harder by increasing weight and exercises.  They suggest that you work out only 3 day’s per week and the other day’s either have as rest day’s to allow your muscles to recover or do some cardio without over training.

The program so far has been really good and I have really improved with increasing my weights.  I will update once I have finished the last workout with starting a finishing weights on Stage 1.


2 thoughts on “The Program!

  1. Tara says:

    Goodness, I feel lazy just reading your blog! Looking forward to reading about your progress 🙂

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