Butt Kick!

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May 3, 2012 by fitchicksoon

So half way through the week already!

I’m in need of a serious butt kick on my eating, as at the moment I can’t stop….

So after a lovely breakfast of the usual oats, ground flaxseed and a 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon it was off to the gym for the last workout B of stage 1

A. Deadlift
  • W1 (2 Sets) – 17.5kgs/15, 20kgs/15
  • W8 (3 Sets) – 30kgs/8, 30kgs/8, 30kgs/8
B1 – Dumbell Shoulder Press
  • W1 (2 Sets) – 6kgs/15, 6kgs/15
  • W8 (3 Sets) – 8kgs/8, 8kgs/8, 8kgs/8
B2 – Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
  • W1 (2 Sets) – 25kgs/15, 25kgs/15
  • W8 (3 Sets) – 35kgs/8, 35kgs/8, 35kgs/8
C1 – Step Up
  • W1 (2 Sets) – 8kgs/15, 8kgs/15
  • W8 (3 Sets) – 10kgs/8, 10kgs/8, 10kgs/8
C2 – Prone Jack-knife
  • W1 (2 Sets) – BW/15, BW/15
  • W8 (3 Sets) – 9kgs/10, 9kgs/10, 10kgs/10

After the workout I had Vanilla protein shake with almond milk.

Then I had a couple of massages to do this afternoon, so it was a quick lunch of what I had to hand, which was Ryvita and Philadelphia cheese, but then I still felt hunger, so had a packet of Wheat Crunchies and a 2 finger kit kat – oops.

About 4ish I was peckish so had a couple of handfuls of sultanas as I was craving something sweet.

Dinner was much more healthy – roasted sea bass from the local fishmongers, sweet potato and broccoli – followed by a Activia creamy raspberry yogurt.

iphone pics 006

We are off on holiday this Sunday to Jamaica for a week, which is going to be tricky – not to stuff myself silly and drink lots of rum, but I promise that when we are back I will start to plan my eating as I know it is not helping my weight training and I will not get the results that I want.

I am in a group on Facebook New Rules of Lifting for Women – Facebook Group and they shared a fab website which I am going to do when we are back – Mason Jar salads www.neatpins.com/mason-jar-salads, so I have found on EBay the Mason Jar’s so will purchase on my return.

As they say “failure to plan is planning to fail!”

I will keep you posted on the jars!

What are your tips for helping with bad, bad eating habits?


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