Holiday has arrived….

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May 5, 2012 by fitchicksoon

Tomorrow we are off to Jamaica and I can’t wait – It’s a freebee incentive holiday through my Husbands Rob’s company. 

Typically enough AF has arrived 8 days late just to give me a lovely holiday treat, an unwanted side effect of P.C.O.S. never knowing when it will arrive!.

Because of this I was supposed to be going to the gym for a workout, but all I feel like doing is putting on my comfies and watching TV with a hot water bottle on my tummy, so I think I might skip it today.

I am off later to have a spray tan with Ashleigh at Beauty Queen, so that will make me feel better to have a colour and not be lilly white.

Today I am really trying to be on my best behaviour with my eating, but do have a strong urge for lots of carbs and chocolate.

I will be taking my gym clothes with us, as they have a hotel gym so no excuses eh! and hopefully will burn up some of the food and cocktails that I am surely going to have.

Catch up with you all soon.







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