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Hello and welcome to fit chick soon!, thank you for stopping by.

The story so far…

My name is Paula and I am a 30 something, rapidly heading towards a 40 something! chick from Surrey, UK.  I am married to Rob and have 1 mad Cocker Spaniel called Rocco and 2 beautiful cats Ollie and Barley.

When I was a younger I never had a problem with my weight, it was only when I became an adult and started socialising with friends that the weight started to creep on slowly at first then started to gallop as I got older!  I have yo-yo dieted for years now, doing either Slimming World or Weight Watchers, always putting the weight on and a bit more after getting complacent and lazy!

It wasn’t until I was lucky enough to be asked to be Maid of Honour for my friend’s wedding and saw the photo’s afterwards that I reached my “enough is enough” level.  So I decided to do Weight Watchers again as I knew that worked for me before and this time combine it with exercise.

Well surprise, surprise I lost  38.5lbs and have managed to keep it off for nearly 3 years now – give or take a few pounds 😉 and exercise is the key! who’d have thought!!

About this blog:

  • I am feeling that I am losing my focus on my exercise, and my food portions are starting to gradually get bigger, so this blog will help me concentrate and make me accountable for my eating and exercise actions!
  • There is a lot of fab blogs of this type available, but many of them are based in America, so a lot of the recipes and foods suggested is for the American market and not for us Brits :).
  • I want to share all the good blogs and recipes there are out there with you!
  • I am not a fitness professional or nutritionist and all the information in my posts are my opinions and things that I would like to share with you.

I do hope you enjoy my ramblings, please feel free to add your comments or questions.



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